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Dr. Callie is an exceptional doctor, whom I would recommend to anyone.  She truly cares about her patients a health and well being, and will take the time to listen and talk with her patients to help meet their needs. I have been seeing Dr. Callie for several years now and shies is like a close friends and not just a doctor that gets you in and out, and on to the next patient.   The Staff at Dr. Callie's are amazing as well; from the minute you walk in the door you feel the friendly and caring atmosphere.   When they ask "How are you doing today?" they really mean it and want to know.   I consider everyone at Dr. Callie's my friend.  

- J. Brent Smith    December 31, 2010



When I needed to see a chiropractor about 6 years ago, a friend recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Callie Rader.  I did and have been very satisfied.  When I first went to Dr. Callie, I was having severe pain in my right arm and within a short time the pain was gone and has never come back.  Now I see her on a regular basis for my neck and lower back problems.   Dr. Callie and her staff are the greatest!  Because of the excellent care she has given me, I call Dr. Callie "my hero."  

Shelia Dye     December 14, 2010



August 12, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Dr. Callie Rader as a chiropractor that we have referred patients to, as well as I have been a patient of hers for the past two years.  Our patients have given her high recommendations and have been very pleased with their success.

In the past I have been diagnosed with protruding discs in my lower back.  I believe her treatments have postponed the need for surgical repair.  I do not suffer with chronic pain, as in the past.  She is a very caring doctor that is concerned with the welfare of her patients.  I would recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic care.


Teressa Bailey, RN


March 15, 2013

 I have been seeing Dr. Callie for many years now and I am still amazed by her kindness and concern that she shows for each of her patients.  Dr. Callie has gone above and beyond with my care.  She has researched my condition and even made phone calls to others to see if anyone might offer insight.   No matter where I’m hurting, she always seems to help.  She has amazing techniques and knowledge to find any underlying issues.  She not only helps with my neck and lower back issues, but she has helped with sinus problems and bronchitis.  I went to her once for a “cracking” after being diagnosed with bronchitis, and came out breathing better than I had in weeks.  Her whole staff is as amazing as she is.  They are nice ladies, very helpful and just as concerned for the patients as Dr. Callie is.  They are all very pretty too!  I would never hesitate to highly recommend Dr. Callie to anyone.  If I hear people at work talking about hurting, I will speak up.     If you need a massage, Robyn has the most amazing hands!  Going into the office is like going to visit friends, which is what they have become.  Please stop by and see them.  I promise you will be back, they are that good.

Robin Newbrough



March 1, 2013

Callie, I want to thank you, I know that your report was a big help in winning my case through Jan Dil’s office.

Bob Heck 


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